How to acquire the right Telephone System for your Business

Most companies really don’t know their own telecom environment.…

nimboIP Donates to LifeDesigns

LifeDesigns recently received a $20,076 donation from nimboIP to upgrade technology equipment. nimboIP is a business-to-business managed service provider of telecommunications and information technology solutions with a history of serving companies in Indiana since 1989.

What are fiber optics and why should I care?

Fiber optics can be a fancy term that’s sometimes thrown around,…

What is the difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cables?

Let’s discuss what the difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cables are and determine which cable is right for you or your business.

LAN 101: 3 things your team can do with a LAN

A LAN goes above and beyond a group of gamers in a dirty basement. Here are 3 ways a LAN can improve your office environment.
Commercial Video Surveillance

5 super quick reasons commercial video surveillance is great for business

What are the benefits of commercial video surveillance and how can this technology improve your business? Let’s lay it all out.

What’s the difference between teleconferencing and videoconferencing?

People think teleconferencing and videoconferencing mean the same thing … but in reality, they’re two different words for a reason.
video conferencing

3 great webcams for high-definition video conferencing

Every business should use video conferencing as a way to better communicate. Here are 3 HD webcams that can get you started.

Landlines are dying: 5 things you need to know

People and businesses alike are running — no, sprinting — away from landlines. They’re expensive; they’re restrictive, and they’re just old.

Indianapolis based nimboIP has acquired IRG Communications

(Indianapolis, IN) – November 1, 2017 Acquisition expected…